Expository Essay Topics: 10 Hints To Simplify The Selection Process

If you are searching for expository essay topics, you should take the time to read the 10 hints to simplify the selection process listed below:

  1. The first thing you want to do when trying to locate a good subject is to review your course work. Look over course notes and lecture material as well as your course textbook for potential ideas or things you always wanted to explore further but never had time to.

  2. The second thing you should do is review the news, magazines, or online news content that you have at your disposal. Sometimes current events can help to inspire you or give you some idea of a great subject.

  3. The third thing you want to do is look over documentaries or books you have read. These might have some link to something that you are interested in or something that piques your curiosity.

  4. The fourth thing you want to do is ask your friends, family, and teacher for suggestions. They might have some great ideas for things that you have never thought about before and you might find that their answers, even if you do not use them directly, could lay the foundation for inspiration about other items.

  5. The fifth thing you want to do is find out what interests you personally and see if there is a way to tie that into your current task parameters.

  6. The sixth thing to do is brainstorm the items which were most interesting to you, or things that you have always wanted to know more about but never had the time.

  7. The seventh thing you need to do is refine your list by removing those things which do not fit your prompt, those things which require too much time or research, or those things which do not interest you as much.

  8. The eighth thing you want to do once this is done is conduct rudimentary research to make sure that you can adequately support the list you are currently entertaining. If any item on that list is not manageable, then you should remove it.

  9. The ninth thing you should do is simply pick one out of the remaining items.

  10. Finally, you want to narrow your subject or broaden it as necessary to fit within the parameters of your subject requirements.
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