A List Of 13 Good Topics To Write An Argumentative Essay On

In a world brimming with over seven billion souls, it should come as no surprise that there is always a lot of argument on a daily basis. We need to pay special attention to how this occurs and this is going to be the crux of this piece of writing. This article is going to discuss a list of 13 good topics to write an argumentative essay on.

  1. Can we end racism? Racism is such a big deal all over the world. That in itself should not have been an issue but looking at the effects of this phenomenon, it does not come as any surprise that many governments are working towards eradicating and totally ending it.

  2. Alternative energy is beneficial: Energy security is now a big issue for many nations all over the world. While some argue that fossil fuels are still very relevant, others counter with their own arguments saying that there is no way we can progress as a people without making use of clean alternatives.

  3. Wars can be ended: Humans have always engaged in wars from the beginning of time. Some argue that there is no way on earth that we can come up with eradicating these conflicts. On the other side of the divide are those who believe that we can actually resolve all our differences as human beings.

  4. Home education is always better: Not all kids are educated in the schools. Millions of kids are educated right at home by their parents or tutors that have been specially selected for just that. There is an argument on how efficient home education is as some other people think going to school is always the better choice.

  5. Adult education has no benefits: From India to China to Nigeria, more adults are taking to education even if they are doing this later in life. What are the benefits of this? Some people think it is nothing but a total waste of time.

  6. Feminism is very vital: Not everyone agrees with this.

  7. Religions are false: Atheism is one the rise across the globe while some other countries experience a resurgence of the faithful.

  8. Vegetarianism is the best

  9. Politics destroy economies

  10. Foreign aid is beneficial

  11. Poverty cannot be eradicated

  12. The future of the planet is doomed

  13. The era of the television is over

In this article, we listed 13 good topics to choose from for your argumentative essay. Use one of these suggestions or let them spark your own imagination!

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