A List Of Unique Descriptive Essay Topics For Middle School

Middle school-ers are known for their finicky attitude and lack of concentration. On the verge of adolescence, their minds start wandering here and there. It takes a lot of effort on the part of the teacher to be able to hold their attention for long. In case of essays, these students are not really interested in writing long drawn pieces about a topic they are not even keen on. Hence, a certain level of uniqueness is required for the essay topics to attract the attention of the students.

Descriptive essays can be one of the most interesting types of essays, provided the topics selected are equally interesting. These essays require the students to use their creativity and think. Therefore, it requires the student to connect on a personal level with the topic, which can be an interesting angle for the student’s artistic side to explore.

A few unique topics for descriptive essays suitable for middle school-ers are:

  • Your city, as seen through your eyes.
  • Describe your role model.
  • Give a detailed account of an early morning walk through the woods.
  • Give a vivid account of a midnight adventure in a haunted house.
  • Describe the decade in which you were born.
  • Describe your favorite poet.
  • The first story book you ever issued from your school library.
  • Give a descriptive summary of your first day in middle school.
  • Give a vivid description of your favorite scary movie.
  • Describe your family.
  • Give a descriptive account of an animated show you used to watch as a child.
  • Give a descriptive and detailed account of your life till date.
  • Describe and explain your unique style of fashion.
  • Describe the middle school clique to which you feel you belong.
  • Give a descriptive account of a middle school co-curricular club to which you belong.

The topic chosen for the essay should help the child connect to it on an individual level. Hence, it must be something that every adolescent individual is engrossed in. A few things that are worthwhile to mention are cartoon shows, horror films, school life and other such peculiar features which are unique to middle school students. It is important that the student has a vivid imagery of the thoughts he is penning down and hence, the need for something ordinary yet unique to middle school students.

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