What Are Good Informative Essay Topics: 25 Interesting Suggestions

If you have the opportunity to choose the topic that you will be writing about you have no excuse to not create an excellent piece. You can express your personality, explore your passion and let your classmates know what things you are interested in. An informative essay is meant to provide detailed information about a particular topic or issue. It’s up to you to find the perfect choice for your paper, but we will give you some suggestions:

  1. Vegan diet. Nutritionists have different opinions about this, but many people adopt it and they say that their life improved considerably.
  2. Tattoos. Some people think that it is an art, while other disapprove this practice.
  3. Smoking. Even though you can find information about the damaging effects everywhere, there are still young people that start smoking.
  4. Recreational drugs. What are the effects on long and short time? Are they dangerous?
  5. The Holocaust. To add authenticity to your paper, search for confessions of ex-prisoners.
  6. Poverty. In some regions, people don’t have access to modern life and even clean water is considered a luxury.
  7. Obese children. Many of them suffer from obesity because their parents don’t supervise their diet well.
  8. Organ donation. Discuss it from medical and moral point of view, but be careful to be objective.
  9. Discrimination. Is this happening in your country? If yes, what are the most discriminated categories?
  10. Poker. It is very popular in many parts of the world, and some people have a good income only from this game.
  11. Assisted suicide. Terminal patients can choose, in some countries, to commit suicide assisted by doctors.
  12. Diabetes. Present information about this disease, how it can be prevented and treated.
  13. Internet shopping. Many people prefer to shop online instead of visiting an actual store. What is the statistics in your country?
  14. Alcohol. The legal age for drinking is different from region to region, but generally it is not lower than 16.
  15. Autism. Many people do not understand what this disorder actually means. You could help your classmates be more tolerant by writing about it.
  16. Eating disorders. So many young girls dream of having the perfect body, but they chose wrong methods to obtain it.
  17. Smartphones. They became a necessity for many young people, but they come with big disadvantages.
  18. Electronic voting. This system is already implemented in many countries.
  19. Political parties. What are the most important in your countries and what differences they have?
  20. Cyber Bullying. It can be as damaging as real bullying, and it is very common in internet communities.
  21. Abortion. Discuss this from medical and moral point of view.
  22. Religion. Make a presentation about a religion of your choice.
  23. Homeschooling. Is it more beneficial than traditional school? What are the advantages?
  24. Vaccination. It is necessary, and it can save lives, even if some parents consider them as damaging.
  25. Texting and driving. Is it one of the leading causes of accidents and there are severe laws against this.
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