Academic Writing Ideas: 40 Topics for Argumentative Essays

When writing any kind of essay you will want to start with a strong topic and informative research. You will use this idea and information to create an introduction, main points, and conclusion. When thinking specifically about argumentative essays, you tackle the writing similarly. When writing an argumentative essay you will begin with your idea. You want to be sure your issue of concerning is unique and interesting—without being too controversial. There is a fine line between cutting-edge and too far. Keep in mind you will only be able to change the opinions of your readers to a certain extent, so steer clear of moral issues people are less inclined to sway about. It is important to keep this in mind because the overall point of the argumentative essay is to change the opinion of your reader and provide a solution.

Argumentative Essay Format

  • Introduction: Introduce your topic or issue of concern, you will also introduce tangible information to support your claim about the topic.
  • Body Paragraphs: There are usually at least three body paragraphs—each of these paragraphs will introduce supporting information for your argumentative claim.
  • Conclusion: What do we now know about your issue of concern? How can we incite change or action?
Environmental issues
  1. Fracking
  2. Nonrenewable Fuels
  3. Biomass fuels
  4. Air quality
  5. Birth defects
  6. Coal industry effects
  7. Shark finning
  8. Whaling
  9. Recycling efforts
  10. Led lights
  11. Carbon footprint
  12. Deforestation
  13. Nuclear energy safety
  14. Thinning of Coral Reefs
  1. Private vs public education
  2. Funding for Healthcare
  3. Election Process
  4. Standardized testing
  5. Lotteries
  6. Animal testing
  7. Tobacco free
  8. Marketing to children
  9. Paternity leave laws
  10. Taxation System
  11. Law Enforcement Cameras
  12. Creationism
  13. Iran Nuclear Deal
  14. Justification for War
  15. Police Brutality
Food and Culture
  1. Vegetarianism
  2. Meditation
  3. Gardening
  4. Religion
  5. Gluten free
  6. GMO regulations
  7. Organic agriculture
  8. Playing an instrument
  9. Traveling
  10. Gastro Pubs
  11. Food trucks

Take into consideration the purpose of your argumentative essay. You want to make a difference with your words. This will help you to pick a topic you feel interesting in, but is also compelling. Use one of our topics for your next argumentative essay or use this list to get inspired! Either way, you are on the road to success.

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