Creating A 9th-Grade Argumentative Essay - Top 7 Tips

This short article is designed to be used by both ninth grade students and their teachers. Mainly because of the academic level it is essential that teachers take a proactive approach towards guiding their students in the writing of the argumentative essay. This checklist styled; user-friendly document lists just seven top tips that both students and their teachers can refer to.

What to note before writing

Note the following tips before attempting to write an argumentative essay at ninth grade level.

  • What is meant by argument – You need to understand what is meant by the term before you tackle your assignment. This is easy. Begin with what you already understand and know what is meant by the term ‘argument.'
  • Practice reading – In order to produce a good academic or high school essay of a high standard you need to master your process of close reading. Your reading emphasis is placed on prescribed and academic texts. Take note of the language used and how the narrative is persuasively (another way to understand the above term) presented.
  • How to approach reading practice – If you are new to reading academic texts begin by taking your time. As the habit of reading seriously grows on you, you will find that you are able to cover more pages/chapters and absorb a lot more information than when you first started reading (no more than one hour at a time).

Start writing

At this level, you already know how to write. The exercise here is to help you improve the standard and quality of your written work to accomplish the task of putting together a well written argument. These next three tips are basic guidelines but effective when put into practice.

  • Note-taking – After a few weeks of practice reading, go back to what you have covered before and take down in note form (written notes) what you think is relevant to your subject criteria.
  • Collecting information – Use different A4 exercise pads to collect different aspects of the subject which you feel can be presented persuasively.
  • Transcription – Ask your teacher to help you with this. The sources that you have found the need to be re-written in your own words.

The most important tips

  • Talk to your teacher about how to produce a paper in the correct manner. She will guide you on the academic conventions required.

This tutorial has covered the basics for helping students begin reproducing their own written academic work. It can also be used as a check-listed reminder of what needs to be done.

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