List Of Unique 7th Grade Persuasive Essay Writing Prompts

7th graders are often asked to write a persuasive essay. In this type of writing, they have to state their opinion and prove it is true with evidence, or defend it with evidence. The aim is to persuade the reader that their opinion is the right one. If you can’t think of any essay writing prompts for 7th grade students here is a list of some unique 7th grade persuasive essay writing prompts.

  • A rich donor decided to donate money to your community and build a new facility for the good of everyone that lives there. It could be a cinema, a theater, a hospital, music school, playground, etc. In other words, a facility that will help people to better organize their free time. The donor doesn’t know what to build, but he would love to hear people’s opinions and wishes. Write a letter to him and express your opinion, what you want, why you want that facility and how it will be used by the people living there. Don’t forget to support your opinion with reasons and evidence.

  • The principal of your school is thinking of implementing a new policy and everyone should wear a uniform. State your opinion regarding this policy. Write a letter to your principal and tell him if you are pro or against it, by supporting it with evidence and reasons.

  • The government is thinking of honoring an important person and making another national holiday. Think of a person you would like to give honor and celebrate him with a national holiday. Clearly state your opinion, reasons and evidence in order to convince the government to choose the person you think is worth the honor.

  • Your teacher decided to take you to outdoor class, but he doesn’t know where. Write a letter and state your opinion, reason and evidence why you think that it is the best place to go for an outdoor class.

  • Your operator is thinking to cut your favorite channel on TV. State your opinion in persuasive manner, to make them don’t cut the channel. Give your reasons and evidence on your statement.

The choice of 7th grade persuasive paper prompts is vast but don’t forget how old they are. Don’t give them prompts for which they have a lot of questions. They will be confused and will not do the task properly. They are 7th graders and they have to be interested in the paper prompts in order to do a good job more easily.

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