List Of 20 Narrative Argument Essay Topics You Can Use

A narrative argument essay is an unusual and interesting type of paper as it allows you to be creative. While an argumentative piece of writing requires specific data and precise arguments, in this case, your main evidence is a story from your own life or the one you once heard. Such a method of delivering your viewpoint can be more convincing than a simple fact stating.

Creating an Original Narrative Argument Essay Topic

To come up with a clear topic you have to think of your personal feelings. Consider advice below to make the process quick:

  • Determine the sphere.
  • Think of your home and school life or about the major social movements you notice and decide what’s most interesting for you.

  • Remember your concerns.
  • Try to dwell on the last issues you were worried about: family problems or social unfairness. You may write about a way out of these troubles.

  • Look for inspiration.
  • Consider positive experience you’ve had and think of people who inspired you. Your relatives or friends may also be role models to write about.

  • Be original.
  • Look for new topics people rarely think of but which make a difference. If you feel strongly about some well-known issue which has been written about for many times, make sure you have an unconventional attitude to it.

  • Consider your unusual experiences.
  • You’ve probably been in situations when you’ve found yourself in a new cultural environment while travelling or when you communicated with people of different nationalities and religions. Reflect upon changes it inflicted on your personality and beliefs.

Narrative Argument Essay Topics for Inspiration

  1. Parents’ divorce: effects on a child.

  2. Time machine: would it help to return the past.

  3. Cyberbullying destroys a healthy school environment.

  4. Do older people have anything to learn from the youth?

  5. Parents don’t need to know everything about your life.

  6. What are you most grateful to your family for?

  7. Neighbors always spread gossip.

  8. It’s always necessary to control yourself.

  9. Advice for the first day in a new school.

  10. Making friends is more important than being competitive.

  11. Tricks and pranks are dangerous.

  12. Overcoming obstacles to success.

  13. Social demand for a perfect body is destructive.

  14. Facing the “trolley problem”.

  15. Never follow celebrities’ examples.

  16. Smartphones aren’t distracting.

  17. Do you follow the online advice?

  18. Have you ever been hacked?

  19. Can you say your social network profile reflects your personality?

  20. Pop music unites people.
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