Persuasive Essay Topics About Health

Health is the state of wellbeing physically, mentally and socially and not just merely the absence of disease. In this current age the lifespan of man has greatly deteriorated due to the activities that they engage in leading to adverse effects on health. Despite this, the level of awareness on health among people has improved owing to the internet which is an information superhighway. Due to these diverse views on health among people, many arguments have come up on health matters. If you want to write an essay on matters of health, then consider the following topics.

  1. Should doctor aided killing be legalized in all states? On this essay state why you think euthanasia is not a crime.

  2. Should abortion be legalized worldwide? Discuss the situations under which abortion should be performed

  3. Is breakfast the most significant meal of the day? Basing on scientific facts, argue why other meals can be missed but not breakfast.

  4. Should marijuana be legalized? Major on the effects of marijuana on health

  5. Is smoking still a problem among the teenagers? Here look at the prevalence of smoking among current young people and the past.

  6. Should brain death be the gold test for death instead of cardiac death? Here discuss the functions of the brain as master organ of the body.

  7. Is plastic surgery of any help in the current world? Here discuss the applications of plastic surgery and their effects on health.

  8. Should government be responsible on what people eat? Discuss the importance of freedom to choose what to eat.

  9. Are most people concerned about where their food comes from? Basing on study on peoples’ behavior argue that they are not concerned

  10. Are people in the modern world concerned about their weight more than their health status?

  11. Should HIV/AIDS patients be allowed to work at any place, any profession without fear that they will infect the public?

  12. Does taking alcohol have any impact on health?

  13. Do young people ladies fear being infected with AIDS that being pregnant?

  14. Does technology have adverse effects on health than benefits?

  15. Does immunization have any side effects on reproduction?

  16. Does having sex frequently affect your health?

  17. Does smoking have any benefits?

  18. Does starving help in reducing body weight?

  19. Should patients check on the internet about the disease they are suffering?

  20. Should those handling matters of health in the government be physicians?
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