Persuasive Essay Topics For College – 25 Unique Ideas

There are a bunch of possible topics that you can do for your persuasive essay, but you should not choose the topic lightly. There is plenty of reason to be selective so that the ease with which you complete the project is highly increased. With that thought in mind, here are 25 of the best topics that you will find online when it comes to getting a persuasive essay finished:

  1. Make a case for why everyone in the world should stop smoking

  2. Make a case for why abortion should not be allowed anymore

  3. What subject do you think the majority of people should study whilst in college?

  4. How can you increase your productivity by being more motivated?

  5. What can be done to ensure that your next set of projects get the top grade?

  6. Do you feel that less people would eat junk food if they learn how to cook?

  7. Who should be the next president of the USA and why?

  8. What can be done about the obesity crisis?

  9. Who should be responsible for the hunger crisis in some countries?

  10. What can be done to ensure that the gap between the poor and rich is reduced?

  11. How do you explain the last housing crisis – who’s at fault?

  12. What can be done to ensure that the levels of obesity do not increase?

  13. How can the world leaders of today do more for world security?

  14. What can be done to reduce the time to takes to fly to mars?

  15. Are the mission to mars well justified when there are plenty of people starving?

  16. Who is at fault for not ensuring the world hunger problem is solved?

  17. Do you feel that the number of sick people is increasing or decreasing?

  18. How can we do more for the person next to us?

  19. Are you making enough at your job?

  20. How can the number of jobs be increased?

  21. Why is there poverty in the world today?

  22. Is the poverty in the world today a problem for the rich?

  23. What is the solution to the amount of sugar that’s consumed?

  24. How can we do more to increase the level of education in developing countries?

  25. Who is best placed to help the poor in a developing country?
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