The Top 20 Simple Essay Topics You Should Consider

Thinking of an original essay topic is never easy. For some classes, the teacher will decide a list of subjects that the student can choose from. Other teachers let students select their own topic. When this happens, students need to think of a unique idea for their paper. Students should choose an interesting topic because it will make the essay easier to write. For potential essay topics, read through the following list.

Simple Topic Ideas

  1. In the last few years, the Islamic State has taken over a significant area of the Middle East. Write about ISIS and how radical groups develop. What factors cause someone to become a terrorist?
  2. Recently, gluten-free diets have gained a big popularity. Foods in grocery stores and restaurants now carry the gluten-free label. Should everyone adopt this diet? What are some benefits from eating a gluten-free diet?
  3. In the past, people spent thousands of dollars to get solar panels. Today, homeowners can make their own. How can homeowners make their house environmentally friendly?
  4. European powers spent years colonizing the African continent. How did colonization and the slave trade destabilize the region?
  5. Has the Affordable Care Act succeeded in getting every American citizen on a health insurance plan?
  6. The tiny house movement has been growing quickly over the last few years. How does the tiny house movement provide an alternative to materialism?
  7. What are some techniques for reducing police brutality? How can police departments gain the trust of the communities that they serve?
  8. Is there an effective way to fight terrorism?
  9. Should students be given a tablet computer instead of textbooks?
  10. Do circuses and zoos violate animal rights? How do cases of animal inbreeding harm the reputation of zoos?
  11. Describe the Judeo-Christian root of modern America. How did puritans shape our current society?
  12. Write a how-to paper for a favorite sport, hobby or activity.
  13. How can the NFL stop players from getting involved in domestic abuse scandals?
  14. When did fast food develop? What caused fast food restaurants to spread so rapidly around the world?
  15. How has the Internet made it possible for people to have freelance careers? How will it change the job market of the future?
  16. Should the United States make English its official language?
  17. Are standardized tests an effective way to judge a student's academic performance?
  18. Health insurance already charges smokers a higher rate than non-smokers. Should obese individuals also be charged more?
  19. Should college athletes be paid?
  20. What are the possible reasons for the decline of the Mayan civilization?
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