15 Amazing Ideas For Essay Topics In Literature

Essay topics come from a wide range of areas. They can be about anything and are most often just opinions that someone has chosen to defend. They are not immovable facts they are subjective criteria designed for you to argue about. You aren’t going to get anywhere, but you’ll think you are.

For example, there are some pervading theories and suggestions that can be had, and they are.

  • Why did Hamlet not take his revenge right away on Claudius
  • What are the character's nature in Hamlet
  • What makes the love between Romeo and Juliet

Some other thoughts and things could be a poetry novel that has a unique meaning to you and you can quote some of the poetry that actually means something and you can argue for what its purpose is and why. Love is a mysterious concept and can be show between people and abused that way as well, but talking about your own experience and reflecting it in some literature or novel work that you, yourself have been assigned to read can always come in handy.

The in-depth characters for essay writing. Essays questions the nature of things, it’s what they do. If you’re stuck for an idea, just question a character in the stories and question their decision-making. If something happens in a story, that affects that way things turn, question it. Just question anything that you want to with a decision-making process that you can support, and you’ll find your thesis. There are some outlined tones in most novels that you can draw from to create the thesis you want.

  • Fate
  • Weakness
  • Poor decision
  • Realizing a flaw
  • Witch’s and their knowledge
  • Plans of the character's coinciding
  • Honour
  • Character responses to main actions
  • The battles and the victors
  • Snakes and the betrayers
  • Witches winning the fights
  • Battlefield behavior

These are some outlined points that can be drawn on in order to create your own thesis. And while they are just points that are being made, the reality of someone making a thesis starts with less, the main points can nearly be found in any book.

All of the ideas that can be created to build a point and support an argument are literally endless. You can argue about anything in a book, and you don’t have to be a genius to do it.

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