20 Great Questions You Can Discuss In A Reflective Essay

Well a reflective essay is one of my favorite types of essay’s you can write. It gives you the opportunity to train your mind and your abstract thinking and that is something that many people aren’t doing at all these days, since they only care about material stuff. Usually in a reflective essay you are trying to answer existential questions, something that affects all humans and all living creatures, no matter what their interest is.

  1. How does technology affect our brain? Some are good, they train your brain, and some are bad because they degrade your brain, and some are just brainwashing machines. Try to show the differences between these and show how, if mankind would stop being so hungry for power, it could be a revolutionary thing that could help everyone.
  2. Does meditation improve health? A great question, and something you can think about a lot. It has many benefits, letting people know about them would be a great idea.
  3. Is anger a product of fear? We all know we say things we regret when we are angry but why do we do that?
  4. How do you feel when someone shows that they are proud of you? The obvious answer is you feel awesome, but things are a little bit more complex and humans are too.
  5. How do you spend your free time? Something that differs from man to man ( usually )
  6. Can a human being truly forgive someone?
  7. Is the power of gratitude that important?
  8. How do our material desires affect us?
  9. How does society influence a human in every way possible? Some don’t let themselves to be influenced, but some do it a lot without even knowing it, and they think it all comes from them, when it’s all just a big product of our capitalist society.
  10. Is war any good? Some would say yes, some would say no. I would say both. How about you?
  11. Do drugs alter perception?
  12. Can drugs be a gate to other spiritual realms?
  13. Are ghosts and other entities ( not only bad ) real?
  14. What is our reality made up of?
  15. How does our reality actually work?
  16. Who makes the big decisions in this world?
  17. Is art really something people can appreciate these days?
  18. How is an artist seen by other people?
  19. Is imagination the key to a successful individual?
  20. From what angle can we say that we are in control over our own lives?
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