Original Narrative Essays Topics: 10 Great Suggestions

Unlike most researches where everything is based on statistics, empirical data and objective findings, narrative essays are the exact opposite. It focuses on telling a story, which explains why the verbs are usually descriptive and precise.

A great narrative essay writer is able to bring his or her story to life. The wordings used are carefully chosen and delivers a distinct feeling. But if you need any ideas for what topics that you might want to write about, here are some suggestions:

Childhood and adulthood

This is certainly a very interesting story and most importantly, it’s your personal story. You should talk about how you were brought up and the effect it has on you as an adult. People love this story!

First relationship

Obvious, you are going to learn a lot from your first relationship. You could explain what the process was like, how you met each other and things like that. Perhaps you could even include how it ended (hopefully not!).


Discussing the topic of friendship in your essay is a good way to get attention from you readers. Remember, sometimes it doesn’t have to be about ‘friends’ but rather people who pretend to be your friends and try to take advantage of you.

Saving lives

If you were ever in this situation, then you’ve got a lot to talk about! Simply describe how it was, what made you do it and how you felt afterwards. It’s certainly a great topic for your essay.


Very much like friendships, you could talk about the relationship with your pet! If you raised a pet, then I’m sure you absolutely love him or her! Just talk about the whole process.

Lessons learnt from seniors

We all went through the stage where our seniors would tell us stories and yet we wouldn’t believe them. Looking back, you would think, ‘wow, they were right.’ That’s precisely the case and you should share your experience.

What matters most?

Great topic – you should talk about what you think is most important. Money? Health? Happiness?


You never realise how important and significant your parents are until they are longer with you. It’s rather sad, but then it’s the truth. Talk about how your parents were like and your relationship with them.

Life changing events

Any life changing events will catch the readers’ eyes. Make sure it is descriptive enough and it can paint a picture in the readers’ minds.

Make things up!

Well, if you don’t have a lot of interesting stories to tell, then you can always make them up! After all, a narrative essay is about telling a story!

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