Creating An Excellent Essay About Yourself As A Teacher

Creating an essay about you is always difficult. Everyone seems to have a problem writing about themselves. Here are some ideas on how to create an excellent essay about you as a teacher.

  • Think about the things you would want to see in a teacher. This way it will be easier for you to write about it as it applies to you.

    • You want a teacher that is compassionate.

    • You want a teacher that has an imagination and can act as a like a kid. You at least want the teacher to be fun-loving.

    • You want a teacher that enjoys being around children. You don’t want a teacher that is sick of her job and doesn’t want to be there.

    • You want a teacher that uses a variety of things to teach your child.
  • Now that you have written down what you want in a teacher, look at the list. This is who you are if you are teaching. You can go down that list and if you are a good teacher, you have the same qualities. Now all you have to do is put those qualities in an essay form about yourself.

  • When you are starting your essay you can describe what you think makes a great teacher and then go on to say that you have those qualities. Start just like you would any other essay and start with an introduction. Your introduction should explain what your essay is about.

  • Use the body of your essay to explain the qualities that you possess that makes you a good teacher. Explain as many as you can so that you can substantiate your qualifications as a teacher. You can also include your educational qualifications as well. Make sure you list as many things as possible that would make a great teacher. You can also give examples of how you have displayed these qualities in the past. This will give validity to what you are saying.

  • Your conclusion should reiterate your desire to be a teacher and why you think you would make a great one. You should also appeal to the emotions of the reader and show them your compassion you would have towards the children in your class. If you can evoke some kind of emotion in your audience it will be easier to convince them of your sincerity to be a teacher.
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