A List Of Exciting Topics For An Evaluation Essay

An evaluation essay basically looks at whether something is good, bad, better, or best when it is compared to another thing. A good example of an evaluation is a movie, device or product, or restaurant review. Additionally, many of the commentaries by sports broadcasters are also evaluations. With all these sources of types of evaluations, it’s really easy to come up with a list of exciting topics for an evaluation paper.

Sports Evaluation Topics

An evaluation of various aspects of sporting events can be a good basis for a list of exciting topics for an evaluation. You can write an evaluation essay on the structures and rules of the playoff system for a certain sport. Some of the topics to consider include:

  • You can evaluate whether the structures and rules promote competition among the teams.
  • You may also evaluate whether these rules and structures help in keeping fans interested in their teams.
  • Alternatively, you can also look at how they serve the interests of the sport collectively.

Evaluation Topics for Movies, TV Shows and Plays

You can also get a list of exciting topics for an evaluation essay by looking at movie reviews; TV shows reviews and reviews of theater productions. In fact reviewing a movie that did not perform very well on the box office can make for an exciting topic for an evaluation essay. Some of the topics to consider include:

  • Evaluation of a romantic movie and what it implies with regard to the roles of women and men during that time
  • Evaluate a historical movie and how it has used drama, costumes and setting to teach history
  • Evaluation of a war movie and discuss about how it helps to answer current concerns about war and peace

Evaluation Topics about Restaurants

Eating out is a favorite pastime for many people across the world. While restaurant evaluation essays are often straightforward and somewhat easy to write, they can be a great source for developing a list of exciting topics for an evaluation essay. The general criteria for writing a restaurant evaluation essay includes a look at the atmosphere or ambience, the menu and the taste of the meals served, the quality of service, and the price and value. Some topics to consider include:

  • Evaluate home cooked meals at a local diner to a meal at a popular fast food restaurant
  • Evaluate the experience of working in a restaurant and eating out in the same restaurant
  • Evaluate what makes a certain restaurant more popular than another restaurant that offers the same service. Is it the price, service quality, food, or setting?
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