World Literature Essay Topics: 20 Ideas You Might Not Thought Of

Getting ready to write your world literature paper and looking for great topic ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out 20 ideas you may never have thought of before. For each of the 20 ideas, use it as a starting place to develop your own unique and original topic.

To get ready to write your paper, read high quality papers by other writers. See how they’ve developed their topics and what approaches were effective. You can model their success when writing your own.

  1. A well-loved children’s author, Arnold Lobel, wrote a book called Frog and Toad Together. Discuss this author’s books and style, and why it’s considered to be in the category of world literature.
  2. African literature during the 1970s.
  3. The banning of books and book censorship in the United States.
  4. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  5. The Brothers Karamazov
  6. Candide by Voltaire
  7. Discuss Elizabethan life during the Shakespeare years
  8. What contributions to Greek literature were made by Nikos Kazantzakis?
  9. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
  10. The literature and philosophy of 17th Century Italy
  11. Discuss The God of Small Things by author Arundhati Roy
  12. Greek works by Herodotus and Thucydides
  13. Handmaid’s Tale by Canadian author Margaret Atwood
  14. Discuss and compare Homer’s The Iliad and Plato’s Meno
  15. Investigate the Johnstown Flood chronicled in David McCullough’s book of the same name
  16. King Lear by William Shakespeare
  17. Author Manuel Puig’s book, Kiss of The Spiderwoman
  18. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
  19. William Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost
  20. The historical context of Milton’s Paradise Lost

When choosing a famous novel that has doubtless been written on before, explore a different angle to the subject. For example, the play Hamlet by Shakespeare is a very popular work of world literature. If you choose to write on such a well-known piece, explore a unique angle. Write from the heart. Nobody knows what’s inside of you as well as you do. What you write that’s a product of your life experiences and understanding will be in itself unique.

To get the final finishing touches to polish off your paper and make it shine, ensure it is well proofread and the necessary corrections are made. Even the greatest paper can fall flat if handed in wrought with spelling and grammar errors.

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