Advice On How To Create A Winning Essay On Abortion Debate

To write a good and winning essay on abortion one should understand the topic first and explain the every aspects of it. There are many debated in our society on the topic of Abortion. It is considered as social crime. There should be compare and contrast analyses in the essay. It will help to make the paper argumentative. The topic must be explained from the perspective of the society and its influence on the society. You should also provide solution to the problem in your paper to make it impressive.

Three major social aspects of abortion are being illuminated from perspective of the society

Abortion as serious crime

In our society the graph of crime has been increasing day by day. Abortion is one of such crime. Our government has taken some important steps to root out this problem. In spite of the initiation of governments as well as private organizations, this crime has not stopped. People of middle class and lower class have still continued this social evil. We need to focus on those areas which are responsible for this crime. The main reason behind it the monetary problem. If our government can provide employment to the youth then this problem might be removed from the society.

The impacts of abortion on ratio maintenance

There is very bad impact of abortion. According to the survey the ratio of men and women has become misbalanced. Even in some states like Punjab, Utter Pradesh, Haryana the situation is worse. The number of women is too much less than men. It is a serious threat to the humanity. The human being cannot exist without women because the women are the creator of the human society. Our government should think about the social evil and try to root out the problem as early as possible before the situation become unmanageable.

Deprive women from their rights

The women have been deprived from their rights. Our society is known as male dominated society and there is long history of women deprivation. Men have more value than women this is the reason behind abortion. At the very beginning of our society women have been suffering but now it has been changed. Women are now becoming independent. They have proved that they are not weak and if given chance then they can do better than men. So women have to be independent financially to eradicate this social crime of abortion.

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