Best Methods To Write An Essay About Yourself For High School

Students always seem to have a very difficult to write an essay about themselves. Many people find it difficult to write essays in the first place but writing about yourself is sometimes more difficult. Here are some of the best methods to write an essay about you for high school:

  • Whenever you are writing an essay your thoughts should always be that you want to keep your readers attention. You have to try to think of some things about yourself that are unique and will capture the reader’s attention.

  • You should try to write something that not everyone has gone through. If you write about the things that everyone goes through your essay will end up being boring and probably won’t even be read completely.

  • Try to think of a story you can tell that you have gone through that most other people may not have. It could be a vacation that you went on that maybe was unusual or some traumatic event that you survived. Try to think of something that will hold the reader’s interest.

  • The structure of your essay should be somewhat the same as in all essays. Your opening paragraph should be the introduction which gives your readers an idea of what the story is about. You have the opportunity in this paragraph to hook your reader and get them interested in the rest of the essay.

  • An example of something you may want to write about would be a special trip you took when you were younger to another country or maybe living through a tornado or other natural disaster. Just remember that you should try to write about something that others may not be familiar with to hold their attention.

  • After your introductory paragraph, the next few paragraphs should explain the story you wanted to tell. Then the last paragraph should be your conclusion. This paragraph should include something you may have learned from your experience you just told about.

  • Just try to make sure that your story is interesting and catches the attention of your reader. Then make sure that the next few paragraphs explain your story using interesting details to hold the reader’s attention. Then the conclusion should reiterate your struggles you wrote about and maybe something that you learned from your adventure that you wrote about.

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