25 Good Ideas For Writing A College-Level Comparative Essay

A college level essay gives you an opportunity to explore numerous topics. However, not all ideas will make the writing process enjoyable and increase your chances of scoring a good grade. Before selecting a topic, ensure that it meets the following conditions.

  • Unique- a unique idea is captivating to read. It does not contain monotonous or recycled information from past studies. Unique topics are can be gathered from news items, research recommendations, suggestion from your tutor or the emergence of new information in your area of study.
  • Specific- this is a topic that sets limits in terms of scope. Restricting your study to a particular geographical area, sector in the industry, decade or time frame, age group, etc allows you to fully explore the issues in question. Your arguments will be compelling to read.
  • Interesting- the phrasing and words used in your topic should make any reader curious. The urge to read an entire essay must be displayed on the title. A mundane title will override the best arguments.

The list given below captures 25 amazing college level essay ideas.

  1. Animals in zoos are healthier than those in the wild
  2. Winter holidays are more amazing than summer holidays
  3. It is easier to use public transport than use a personal vehicle
  4. Home schooling provides a better form of education than public schools
  5. Talking to friends vs texting them
  6. Paintings are more valuable than photos
  7. How does Columbus compare to the first astronauts?
  8. Science fiction and fantasy
  9. Shakespeare and Mozart
  10. Reality TV shows vs series
  11. Facebook comments and a live chat
  12. How church marriage compares to a civil union
  13. Is it better to study late night or rise up early
  14. Addictive beverages and drugs
  15. Committed relationships are better than friends with benefits
  16. Parental influence and peer influence
  17. Technological and industrial revolution
  18. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin- the better dictator
  19. The philosophies of John Locke and Thomas Hobbes
  20. Learning handwriting and practicing typing
  21. Protestantism and evangelical religion
  22. Welfare programs vs economic empowerment
  23. Traditional universities vs digital or online learning
  24. American idea of beauty and British idea of beauty
  25. Class presentations vs written homework

When selecting a topic for a comparative essay, ensure that the subjects in question have distinct characteristics. This will give you adequate material to make your paper more interesting. Ensure that the differences and similarities are obvious instead of forcing them.

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