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Writing an essay can be quite a challenging task if the students do not have interest in the subject or the assignment itself. Even though when a student wants to complete an effective essay, he faces issues in formatting, data collection, style, tone and approach of the paper. Teachers receive different academic assignments about the same subject from a number of students. This increases competition and you need to do extraordinary efforts in order to impress your professor.

One thing you should not be worried about while writing your paper on bullying is the format. This will remain same throughout all the essay assignments you complete in your academic career. You need to start with the introduction paragraph where you present your topic to the readers. After you successfully hooked your audience in your introduction, you need to give them evidence and logical arguments for the subject in the body of your paper. The last paragraph in your paper is the conclusion where you summarize the entire paper.

Bullying is an interesting subject to write about. In your school years, you might have experienced bullying or know someone who was a victim of it. Bullying means when someone harasses, tortures, irritates or annoys the other person with his words or actions based on stereotypes, caste, creed, social class or physical appearance. This may seem fun to the one who is doing it to others but it can have serious effects on the victim. Children who experience bullying during their early years are more prone to suicidal thoughts, drug addiction, social anxiety, and lack of confidence. You can write about one of your personal experiences or about a friend who had to face severe consequences of this disgraceful act. You may even talk about the reasons why bullying is not under control even after so many awareness programs and radical steps about it. You can base your research on finding the root cause that gives rise to bullying.

The best way to complete a great paper is to have an example to follow. Examples are a great way to learn because they help you realize the structure, outline, tone, formatting, strengths and gaps in a paper. You can learn from an expert written example and write your own paper. If you are looking for examples without paying any fees, then you need to search the following sources

  1. The internet
  2. The library
  3. Guidebooks on essay writing with examples
  4. Notes from a friend
  5. Your family and siblings
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