5 Things You Should Not Write In A Narrative Essay About A Car Accident

The art of narration requires you to remain neutral. But that does not mean you should be completely free from bias. There are a few ways in which this can be explained. If you are writing a narrative essay on a car accident, you should be very detail-oriented. But there are some things that should not find way into the piece. Here are five of such things.

Particulars like names and numbers

You will know that people are hurt in accidents and nobody would like their names and numbers to fly out in the open. You should not name either between the perpetrators and the victims and make sure that no real names fly out in the open.

Even if you want to name someone, you should make it a point to use fictional and not real names. There is a chance you will get a slight advantage if you manage to alter the location as well.

A snap judgment on right and wrong

Do not go out all guns blazing in declaring who was right and who was wrong. There might have been a case where the victim was framed as the perpetrator. If you are real about the narration of the accident that took place, you will automatically take care of making it less known.

There are also those who try to sensationalize the issue just because they want to. Do not attempt that. Just narrate what happened.

Too much gore

You should make sure that the narration is suitable even for fifth grad children. Toward this end, do not include too much blood and gore in the paragraphs. The prose cannot be jovial in any way and should not make it more and more obvious by adding extra violence.

Play with symbolism here. The point will get through without harsh descriptions.

Details of witnesses

It is important to analyze what the witnesses say about the incident that took place. It is important that you take these details into consideration when making the most of the available narration. But you should take care not to reveal any personal information.

Information that might disrupt the case

There are some very sensitive pieces of information that may change the course of narration in each accident. If you come across any such information, you should be careful with it. Do not divulge it straight away. It could have an impact on the case.

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