Compare And Contrast Essay Writing: Helpful Guidelines

Writing an essay is a very difficult task that students have to write during their academic careers. They start writing these assignments at a very young age and continue to write them until their educational life is over. The complexity and length of these assignments varies with the qualification level, subject and grade of the student. In primary classes, students learn to express their ideas without knowing about the technicalities. They need to pen down a few sentences about a common topic like their pet, teacher, favorite cartoon, sports, family or siblings. As they promote to higher grades they learn about the format of their paper. All essays traditionally follow the same format so this will always stay the same for all levels. Each essay starts with an introduction, where the writer presents his topic in an engaging way; the body of the paper for major arguments and supporting evidence follows this. The last paragraph in your paper is the conclusion. You need to summarize the entire paper at this point and make sure to end on a clear note.

Students learn different types of essays as they grow up. These types include the argumentative style, descriptive, narrative, cause and effect, persuasive, research paper, analysis, process and comparison style. In a comparison style paper, you need to discuss the two opposing sides of the same subject or compare two different subjects. It is easy because you need to relate different aspects and compare them with each other.

Remember that the topic choice matters a lot in your comparison essay. The topic of the paper must be in a way that allows space for comparing and contrasting. Determine whether you want to talk about the same subject and its opposing sides or compare two different subjects with each other. Once you decide this, you will narrow down your options for the topic. You can further narrow your topic choices by choosing the subject area you want to address. If you want to write a comparison between two different things and the subject area is city life, than you can easily choose this topic “The similarities and differences between lives spent in urban areas to that of country side”

If on the other hand, you want to talk about the same subject area, city life, but this time with the other approach. You can choose this topic, “The advantages and disadvantages of living in a metropolitan city”

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