Composing A Solid Argumentative Essay About Drug Addiction

When your instructor assigns an argumentative essay about drug addiction, it is in your best interest to accomplish the task to the best of your ability. As with every paper, you should follow the steps of the writing process. When you follow the steps, your writing project should successfully argue the point you are trying to convey.

Find a Focus

The first step to writing the strong paper about drug addiction to find a focus. The essay cannot simply be about drug addiction; because as an argumentative essay, it needs to prove a point. Since most people will agree that drug addiction is bad, your argument should be about something worth arguing. For example, you could argue who should pay for treatment, or whether addicts should lose privileges. You could look into drug addiction in professional athletics or drug addiction in the medical industry. When you choose your topic, be sure it is something that you can argue and something you are interested in learning. After you have selected your topic, you should write the claim you are going to prove.

Write an Outline

Once you choose your topic, you should write your outline. Any writing assignment without a plan can become a disaster, so it is important to organize your ideas before any paper writing begins. Too many students think they can write their essays on the fly, but they usually forget some of the major points they need to include. Your outline should include the important components of the introductory paragraph, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion.

Craft the Writing Project

After your outline is planned, you can actually write the paper. It is important to use professional language, so your essay is believable. It is also important to follow the rules of grammar, so your argument is taken seriously. Writers who make several mistakes destroy their argument, simply by not caring enough to take their writing seriously.

Edit and Revise

The final step is to edit and revise the paper. You can do this, or you can find a classmate or friend to do it. The best way to edit any essay is to read it out loud in a quiet voice. By editing this way, you will be able to hear the mistakes you made and quickly correct them. It is also important to check the topic sentences against your claim so make sure you have thoroughly supported and defended your opinion in the body paragraphs.

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