10 Tips for Writing a Term Paper That Will Impress Your Professor

If you are tasked with writing a term paper and you want to impress your professor, there are ten tips that you can follow below:

  1. Prepare a schedule. Before you start writing it is imperative that you put aside enough time to really finish the work and give it the dedication it requires. Organizing your time will help you out a great deal, especially if you are quite busy. If your term paper is around ten to fifteen pages, it should take about one month to write. So start planning as soon as you are given the assignment. This will help you to collect the research materials from the library that you need. Remember that if you are given the same, or a similar, task as your classmates, everyone will be fighting for the same materials and you will want to get to the library early.
  2. Write out the days that you have to work on the paper and give yourself time enough to visit the library, take adequate notes, draft an outline, produce a first draft, edit, proofread, and proofread again. You want to avoid a lot of late nights (unless you are a night owl) so that you can remain on high alert when working.
  3. Start with a solid thesis statement. Make sure you know that there is adequate information available on the subject you have selected and on your thesis.
  4. Take notes. As you research, keep notes. If you keep anything electronically, back it up multiple times so that you can rest assured you won’t have to go to your professor asking for an extension because of lost data.
  5. Create an outline. Make sure you cover all of the key points you want.
  6. Write your first draft. Remember to just get something down, even if you know it won’t be the best. By producing something, anything, at first, you will give yourself the freedom to find something better deep within the recesses of your subconscious.
  7. Review your first draft for content and rework odd paragraphs or odd sentences. Remove filler and check your quotes.
  8. Review the final draft for any smaller errors such as spelling or grammar.
  9. Check your citations and your sources for inconsistencies. This is where many students get a reduced grade.
  10. Finally, print out a final copy and submit it.
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