5 Tricks That Always Helped Me Write My Essay In Time

Writing a lovely essay that is submitted late is not a good thing at all. Some teachers deduct up to 50% for late submissions. The essay must be turned into the teacher before or on the due day, but never after the due date. Use these 5 tricks that have helped me write my essay in time.

5 Tricks that Helped Me Write My Essay in Time

  1. Topic selection-while the topic is very important; you cannot spend days or even weeks picking the topic. Use a process of elimination, which allows you to get that topic in a few days after getting the assignment. If you can narrow the options down to less than five choices, do a database search to see which one has the most research. Pick the one that has the most research.

  2. The thesis statement-if you performed an online search for the amount of support that exists, you should have seen a pattern. Three to five reasons or facts about your topic should have kept showing up. Pick from those ideas for using in your thesis statement.

  3. The calendar-the teacher will have given you due dates or posted due dates for the different parts of the essay. You need to put those on your desk and phone calendar. Then you need to plan out each step and when you will be finishing it. Add a few buffer days in case of emergencies or illness.

  4. In steps-look at the paper in steps to be finished. Do not look at the whole project, as it can be overwhelming. Some of the steps might be writing the statement, research, finishing the introduction, and so on until you finish. Each step finished will put you closer to the final project and give you a sense of accomplishment.

  5. My outline-I always make an outline. I make it as detailed as I can. I think this is the most important of the 5 tricks that have always helped me to finish my essay on time. A detailed outline will save you hours and hours of writing time.

These 5 tricks have always helped me to write my essays in time. They are useful, easy to follow, and effective. Make your topic selection quickly, write the thesis statement quickly, put the due dates on your calendar, work in baby steps, and make a detailed outline.

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