15 Possible Essay Topics About Entertainment In Different Countries

Entertainment is a great essay subject. It is even more interesting to write about how people in different countries spend their free time. Since there are plenty of possible topics to consider, it is a good idea to study a list of sample topics to get inspired. You can also brainstorm alone or with your classmates or ask your professor for some advice. Either way, you should get your topic approved before you start writing your paper.

What Great Essay Topic Ideas about Entertainment to Write About

The following list contains 15 sample essay questions that are easy to answer in your assignment:

  1. Do you agree that most forms of entertainment in developed countries are more about getting profit than caring about people?

  2. Is entertainment a necessity in the U.S.?

  3. How do hobbies help adults reduce stress in big cities?

  4. Can the Internet be considered as a means of entertainment worldwide?

  5. Should people stop using animals for entertainment in Asian countries?

  6. Where do people spend more time in the entertainment parks?

  7. What are the healthiest ways to entertain yourself in your opinion?

  8. How do people spend their vacations in your community?

  9. Should children in the U.S. spend more time with their friends instead of watching movies and TV shows?

  10. What are the positive and negative effects of social media as a means of entertainment in Western Europe and in the U.S.?

  11. What sports do teenagers enjoy in different countries?

  12. Can entertainment activity, such as winter sports, cause environmental issues in Canada and in the U.S.?

  13. Why do teenagers in China and Japan spend so much time playing video games?

  14. What are the most popular entertainments in your state?

  15. How much time do people tend to have fun in different countries, according to different studies?

How to Narrow Down Your Essay Topic Idea

Some of the aforementioned essay topic ideas are narrow, so you can start writing your assignment right away while others require some more work. For example, you should select what hobbies to write about, find out what study results you can analyze, and ask around to identify what entertainments are most popular in your area.

If you want to compose a compare and contrast paper, you can simply select the same kind of entertainment and compare how popular it is in two different countries. Do not hesitate to use statistical data provided by sports organizations, movie production companies, health institutions, etc. This will strengthen your essay.

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