Expository Essay Topics: 20 Prompts For High School

High school students today are learning at a much more rapid rate than past generations. Many of their research papers and homework assignments revolve around critical thinking topics. Topics covering politics, arts & culture, music, lifestyles, sports, business, and more are all possible subjects that they can speak of.

Many assignments can be written and fully explained within 1-3 pages. The purpose of these questions to high school students is not to seek a right or wrong answer, but to see their perspective on the topic at hand. Through these writing prompts, students are able to fully explain themselves in addition to learning something new that they are unfamiliar with.

Teachers should definitely keep in mind that there are some topics that should simply be left out of reach. While the new generations are growing up a little bit faster than past generations, this does not mean that they should be exposed to such subjects inside of a school setting/assignment.

Here is a list of 20 prompts that students in high school can have a great benefit of forming opinions about?

  • What is your knowledge about global warming and where did you learn it?

  • Why is obesity such a problem in America?

  • Create a resume for your dream job/position.

  • In your own words, define what it means for an environment to exude diversity.

  • Choose your dream career.

  • Highlight a class that you believe is not beneficial to your career path.

  • Explain what being a vegan means.

  • What do you believe is the most important lesson you have learned in life so far?

  • Which social media platform do you use most often?

  • Name the sports that you believe are highly beneficial to the sports world.

  • How much history do you know about the presidents in America?

  • Are your peers too disrespectful to teachers, other peers, and adults overall?

  • How important is technology to the world?

  • Should teenagers have access to social media and cell phones?

  • Learn how to fish from beginning to end.

  • Choose a college that you would like to attend.

  • What do you think about reality television shows?

  • What celebrity your age best represents your generation?

  • Do you understand the importance of why a minimum wage exists?

  • Explain your favorite genre of music and why.

These topics should help any high school student write an applicable paper for their next assignment.

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