Where To Go Looking For Examples Of Personal Essays For College

Applying for college can be pretty stressful for high school students. On top of having to stay on top of submitting grades, getting letters of recommendations, and filling out all appropriate forms, a student must also submit a personal essay which attempts to show the admittance committee a snapshot of one’s personality and writing ability. It can be a tough task for someone who has never seen an example of a personal essay, let alone even heard of what it is. Here are a few good places to find samples to review in order to increase your chances of setting yourself apart with a great display of writing:

College Essay Repository Sites

One of the first places you want to check online is with an academic paper repository site. These places hold hundreds of successful papers with comments from reviewers stating why it is something work and in some cases how it could have worked even better. Study these samples carefully, just be sure not to copy anything down; the admittance committee is trained to spot cheaters.

Academic Writing Help Sites

You should also check out some academic writing help sites. These usually offer a number of free writing sources available for download. You should find advice, grammar rules and samples of personal college essays. If you want to improve your chances of getting accepted at the school of your choice you might want to see if an academic expert will review your draft before submittal. Any feedback or advice you get can mean all the difference in the world.

Test-Preparation Sites

As you can imagine, test-preparation sites are filled with all kinds of resources to help students with entrance exams. What you might not realize is that they also contain sample papers with detailed critiques made by instructors and college admission clerks to help students hone their writing skills. If you aren’t sure about what site to visit ask your guidance counselor for some help. He or she should have a long history directing students to the best sites.

Professional Essay Writing Companies

If you can afford to spend a little money on a quality written example then you should seek out a professional writing company. They will furnish you with a quality paper in no time. You can even place a detailed order for a response to a specific question in your application. That way you’ll be able to see just how an expert would approach answering the same prompt.

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