Synthesis Essay Examples: 4 Best Places To Look For Those

Synthesis essays are formal pieces of writing that draw information from two or more sources and combine these into one cohesive piece. They can be challenging essays to write, but one great way to find out if you're on the right track is to read through some good example pieces. This list of the four best places to look for excellent synthesis essay examples can help you find exactly what you need.

The Internet

The Internet is always a wonderful place to look for examples of papers, as there are just so many different websites you can try. First, have a look on your university's website, as these sites often have useful sample papers for their students. Second, try checking other universities' websites, as they also often have handy sample papers to help their own students. Third, spend some time searching for sample papers on some of the numerous essay websites. What's really great about using all these sites is that you should be able to get all your sample papers from them for free.

Your textbooks

After you've scoured the Internet for some synthesis sample pieces, you should try looking through a few of your own textbooks. Many decent academic writing textbooks will have at least one good quality synthesis paper example. So, spend some time reading any academic writing textbooks you may have, and you may just find a fantastic sample paper. Seeing as you already own your textbooks, you won't have to pay for these sample pieces, either.

A library

If you still need a few more excellent examples of synthesis essays, try going to your university or public library. They'll probably have quite a few books about academic writing that you can search for some more decent sample papers. If you can't find any books about academic writing, consider asking the librarian to loan a few from other libraries for you.

Your lecturer

One more excellent place to find high quality sample papers is your university or college lecturer. Don't be afraid to ask them if they have any examples of synthesis essays that you can have a look at, as they may have a few outstanding sample pieces available. After all, it is the subject they teach at your university or college.

Hopefully this list of the four best places to find good examples of synthesis essays has pointed you in the right direction to find a few excellent sample papers.

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