A List Of Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics About A Place

The main reason behind a descriptive essay is pretty apparent: description. The description may be objective or subjective, about a person or a thing, a memory or a dream, your call.

Ways to Approach a Place in a Descriptive Essay

There are many aspects of a place that can be picked and described in an essay. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • A famous/important place – you could base the essay in a place of public importance. This could be a visually appealing place or a place with a historic background. For instance, you could write on the 9/11 memorial monument or the Eiffel Tower.
  • A nature-inspired place – this could be botanical gardens or some lake. It could also be something as grand as the Niagara Falls or as small as a park near your house.
  • A historically significant place – the title is pretty self-explanatory but to give an example, it will include all buildings, monuments, natural sites of historic importance. The Stone Hedge, the Birmingham Palace, Machu Picchu, etc., all would qualify as historically significant places.
  • An inspirational place – this has a wide application. It could be any place that you derive inspiration from. It could be your terrace, the school library or a quiet corner of a park. The list is endless.
  • Space – this could turn out to be an interesting place to describe. Though a majority must never have been there, it would be fascinating to describe it as one might think it would be.
  • An exhibition place – this could be any exhibition. It could be an art exhibition or a clothes exhibition.
  • A stadium – you have a lot of options here too. You must have attended a game at a stadium. It could be football, hockey, baseball, basketball and so on. Each of these games has a specialized stadium, and you could write about any of them.
  • An eatery – you may discuss your favorite place to eat out or the worst experience you have ever had eating out. The choice is yours.
  • An imaginary place – this is something interesting to write about. You can describe your utopia. It could give you the perfect platform to express your ideal place into words. You could even write about a place you experienced in your dream.

With these exciting ideas for descriptive essays, you are bound to ace your homework.

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