What Is A Good Essay Topic: Advice From An Experienced Writer

Perhaps, novice writers would find it surprising to know that even experienced writers sometimes feel that writing can be boring, intricate and challenging to come up with a good writing project. The good news is that such kind of thinking and feeling could be reversed through learning how to have fun while writing. Indeed, this may sound weird and strange, but it can be done.

Without any shadow of doubt, thinking of what appropriate topic to write about is always a big trouble. Since this is the very first and very crucial part, of course, it would be tougher to get started if you are not even certain of what subject to discuss and delve into.

Here are some great advices from an experienced writer about what a good essay topic is:

  • A good essay topic must indicate clarity.
  • This means that the topic should be clear so that the target readers could easily understand the essence of the paper. In the same way, it must contain a single interpretation in order for the readers not to get distracted. In a nutshell, the topic should be clear of any ambiguity.

  • A good essay topic must use a simple language.
  • It is fundamental to use technical terms merely when it is needed. It is highly advised to use simple terms so to ensure that everyone can understand what you’re trying to convey. It is not wise to present any sort of bias either unwillingly or willingly, indirectly or directly in the essay topic or problem.

  • A good topic considers the current significance of the essay.
  • When choosing a topic, it is necessary to contemplate on the current importance of the study. Take into consideration that an out-of-date topic shall not be advantageous for anyone; the subject should have current significance. It matters to evaluate how much the subject shall provide advantages to the area in which you conduct your analysis.

  • A good essay topic must be well-defined.
  • Keep in mind that it is very substantial for the essay topic to be well-phrased as well as well-defined. In like manner, it has to be easy to comprehend and must come in a single meaning. Avoid giving double-barreled impression as much as possible when phrasing the topic of your study.

  • A good essay topic adheres to the proper rule of titling.
  • Essentially, there are several titling rules. The writer could either use a title case or a sentence case. It matters to go over the rules of titling titles prior noting it down.

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