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You can count on all essays beginning with an introduction. This is the reader’s first exposure to what you have written. It’s where you can make a good first impression and have the opportunity to grab their attention. If you do your introduction right, it’s a good start to a stellar essay.

How to structure your introduction

Use a strategy to open your essay. Some of the more popular methods are as follows.

  • Use a quotation from one of your sources. It should be interesting and eye-catching. You could also give some background of why you included it. Make it clear to your reader where you sourced it from. It must also relate to your topic and thesis statement.

  • Ask a question. This gets your reader involved, because they will try to mentally answer it. Make sure it gets them thinking about your topic and doesn’t lead them onto other pathways of thinking away from the topic.

  • Use a definition. The thing to be aware of is to not let it appear boring. You may have to put a twist on it, comment on it or show in a clever way how it’s related to your topic.

  • Make a comparison or use a metaphor to highlight your topic.

How to structure your thesis statement

The thesis statement or argument is the key to a great essay. Thus it is worth spending time on this part to make sure it’s brilliant. It’s usually only one sentence but it could be two. It should state a claim, and not be a statement of fact. Otherwise, there would really be no purpose to you writing the essay.

The thesis shouldn’t be merely based on opinion only. If you are making a judgment you have to be ready to back up your claim with data and evidence. Try to avoid assumptions and clichés as well.

You need focus; avoid broad statements as they are not convincing and hard to sustain.

How to structure the body of the paper

Every paragraph should have its own main idea and be backed up with some type of proof or evidence. All main ideas should relate directly back to the thesis statement. Each assertion needs an explanation. Unify the paragraphs by using transition sentences to move from one to the next.

How to structure the conclusion

This wraps up your essay. It should reiterate the introduction yet use different wording. It should show the conclusions you have drawn and how you’ve backed them up. It may also lead into questions such as “what next?”

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