23 Fresh Ideas for Argumentative Essay Topics on the Western Civilization

Western Civilization is the study of European and Mediterranean roots. It deals with some of the important time periods such as Medieval times, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Age of Enlightenment, and it generally focuses on the Christian world. You can study the language, events, art, music, government, or famous people. If you are given this topic to write on, you can select from our 23 fresh ideas for your argumentative piece.

Ideas for Your Argumentative Paper

  1. King vs. king-you can try to prove who is the best
  2. France or British artist who most impacted the country
  3. The greatest monument is…you can pick a country if you want to narrow down the field
  4. Farming resulted in civilization –prove this
  5. The Greek states (one was better than the other)-pick one and discuss all its features and why it is the better one
  6. Who was better Socrates or Aristotle
  7. Argue that one artist (such as Michelangelo is the best)
  8. Argue that one writer was the best
  9. How Henry Ford was the most innovative man of the United States
  10. Was Andrew Carnegie a Robber Baron or Captain of Industry
  11. Which Queen Elizabeth of England was the best leader (pick one of them)
  12. Talk about how parts of the WC joined to fight the other parts in World War I or World War II
  13. The trenches and devastation of Belgium-how it changed the country’s geographical and philosophical conditions forever
  14. Hitler and his ultimate goal
  15. The family of Cardinals of the Catholic Church-argue of their immense power and control during different time periods
  16. Sinn Fein’s grip on Ireland
  17. The potato famine and how it changed the demographics of Ireland
  18. Which is greater-American or European football
  19. Employment in Europe-the best sector is
  20. Cyprus and its peace and economics
  21. Then greatest American monopoly ever is
  22. Why Britain needs the monarchy
  23. The mines of Wales and the tragic treatment of the people who worked them

This paper will be fun to write. You can pick the country and the field that interests you. There are many choices, so use our list as you determine your topic. Make sure to follow all of your teacher’s instructions and do you best writing on this argumentative piece.

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