How To Choose Strong Essay Topics: Ideas For Creative Writing

Divide your subject in to easy categories

This will help you reduce efforts and time

Analyze the category you selected

Be careful in understanding the background and history of the essay division you chose to write

Read relevant and irrelevant literature both

To help increase your vocabulary and add new ideas to your essay

Find your inspiration

Find the reason why you chose this topic or the person that inspires you the most to write this essay. You will feel more dedicated and productive this way

Brainstorm to get fresh ideas

The best method to have fresh ideas and keep the creative juices flowing is to brainstorm. You will need a quiet place, a pen and a paper to be able to note down your ideas.

Have confidence in your writing

Students who are not sure about themselves often face issues with creativity. You need to know your capabilities and appreciate yourself for who you are. Do not give up if you do not get it right in the first place. You need to have confidence and keep trying. If you feel low or less capable, do something that gives your pleasure like any artwork, walking, taking your pet out, cooking or a DIY project at home. This will help you realize your skills

Practice your skills

The more you practice the better you will get at composing good topics for essays. Keep writing topics in your journal or notebook on a regular basis. Choose a subject and write 3-5 topics about it each day. This way your brainstorming and creativity will improve.

Edit and proof read

Whenever you write off something as final, remember to edit and rephrase it to see how it fits best. After you are done with the editing, you should also proofread your topic twice or thrice to identify any typos, spellings and grammar mistakes. This reduces the chances of error greatly

Get a suggestion from your friends and family

Before you finalize the topic and move forward with your essay, it is a good idea to get a third opinion. You need to have an objective say about the topic so that you can identify the weakness or gap in your paper if any. A good idea will be to show your topic to your friends and family members individually and ask what they think of it. Their answers will certainly help you improve your topic

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