List Of 12 Great Argumentative Essay Topics On Education

When it comes to writing a paper about education, there is no one better placed to write this paper than a student. It is important that you appreciate this notion, because that this will give you a good chance of expressing your ideas and what you really think of the learning environment. It is also a good way for the institution to get students speaking out about some of the challenges that they experience in school, and even propose workable solutions.

For those who have never done this before, you can check this company and learn so much more about how you can handle the task at hand. Other than that, you must also take note of the fact that choosing a good title will go a long way in helping you score better grades. The following are some simple but incredible titles that you can use for the paper you are working on:

  1. Discuss the way technology has revolutionized education. Provide day to day examples

  2. Every child has a right to education. Discuss

  3. Explain the concept of externalities in education, and how this affects the student population

  4. Education should be classified as a basic need. Discuss, providing relevant examples to support your cause

  5. Discuss the decline of the educational system in your country, citing the relevant pitfalls, and proposing amicable possibilities that could assist in making the situation better.

  6. Discuss the role of parents in the educational system

  7. Explain the challenges that teachers face when parents shift their roles to the teachers instead

  8. Equal education is a myth: Discuss providing relevant examples

  9. Discuss the quality and effectiveness of hybrid education, citing important factions that can support your discussion

  10. The world has accepted outsourcing as a new way of making things get done faster, and in a cost effective manner. Explain the prospect of outsourcing the educational system, and provide relevant concepts that would suffice.

  11. Online education has often come under a lot of criticism from time to time. Using relevant examples, explain the challenges that this system faces, highlighting the dark side of the online school system that so many people are not aware of.

  12. Discuss the correlation between the wealth of a country, and its educational system. Use relevant examples to support your paper.
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