Creating A Strong Synthesis Essay About The Medieval Period

A synthesis essay will involve looking at a particular topic in one of three ways. Either you will need to use an argumentative style, in which case you should pick a particular topic and try and persuade the reader about a point of view. Alternatively, you may wish to use a review style, in which case you will most likely look at a particular piece of literature, and you will need to review it. Finally, you may wish to use an explanatory style, which will try and put forward a range of logical facts, so as to help the reader understand further about a particular subject.

If you are writing about the medieval period, then the particular topic that you are writing about is likely to have a big influence on the style that you use. For example, if you are writing about medieval literature, then you may wish to use a review style. Alternatively, an argumentative style may be more appropriate if you wish to express your views about a particular topic related to that era. Equally, if you are simply trying to provide a more informative paper for the reader, then an explanatory style may be more appropriate.

How to start your paper

A strong start will have a huge impact upon the quality of the work that you produce. Likewise, a weak start is likely to convince the reader that the work will not be of a high standard. Therefore, it is essential that you open the essay in the correct manner.

Ultimately, you will need to create an introduction which informs the reader of the topic that you are discussing, including any necessary background details that may be required in order for them to understand the topic that you will be writing about. You should also include a hypothesis or thesis statement, which will be used as the basis of your paper.

Writing the body section

The body section will include a range of different points relating to the hypothesis that you put forward in your introduction. For example, if using an argumentative style, then each of the different paragraphs in the body section will highlight a different issue, which helps to back up the point of view that you are arguing for.

The conclusion

The final part of your paper will be the conclusion, in which you will tie together the different points made in the body section.

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