Best Ideas for Term Paper Topics: Take Your Pick

Have you ever been stuck with a bunch of blank pages instead of a term paper, a month before you are supposed to turn it in? If so, you are not alone. Many students before you had the exact same problem, because they couldn’t choose a topic to write on. To avoid making their mistake, you should know several aspects of coming up with a nice term paper theme.

First, take a look at your interests. Also, your research will require a lot of your time, so make sure you are writing about something useful to your future career as well. Then, you’ll want your topic to be original and specific. Finally, finding a solid, debatable subject can help you earn higher grades. So, take a look at this list of excellent term paper topics and get your own research started:

  1. How can the educational process be made easier for disabled students?
  2. What are the pros and cons of the “gap year” practice?
  3. Internet censorship: freedom violation or safety measure?
  4. Main search engines: principles of functioning.
  5. Piracy policy on the Internet: can online illegal content be completely removed?
  6. A study on recreational marijuana.
  7. Vaccination practice: obvious benefits and hidden risks.
  8. Are sleep disorders more common in the 21st century?
  9. ADD and ADHD: causes and possible methods of treatment.
  10. The obesity issue: mass media influence vs. personal responsibility.
  11. Do society’s standards cause eating disorders?
  12. A study on cancer: type classification and interrelation.
  13. What is the correlation between mental and physical health?
  14. Viruses: the main principles of survivability and adaptation to medications.
  15. The electroshock method in treating mental disorders: historical background and proved effectiveness.
  16. OCD causes: childhood trauma vs. genetic disposition.
  17. How does body language depend on sex, and what consequences can that have on social interactions?
  18. How can a low-fat food program be implemented into school cafeterias?
  19. Children with AIDs in schools: safety measures and personal privacy.
  20. Data security on the Internet: a myth or reality?

Do not be afraid to choose several topics from the above and see which ones have more reliable, and relevant, background data to them. Exclude those with only a little information, as you will need to meet volume requirements for your thesis. Also, once you start learning about one particular subject you may want to change your initial research title, so that it better fits the data you’ve discovered. Follow your passion, and you will write a strong term paper in no time.

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