Helpful Tips On How To Write A College Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay writing is like arguing your case in present of jury with strongest possible arguments to win the reader’s confidence. Have a strong knowledge of both the sides but always highlight as in why you are correct.

Before you start writing your persuasive paper, evaluate the content critically. Discuss either your points with solid examples supporting the facts with specific outcomes. Here, your chief aim should be to persuade the reader that your claim is better than the alternative.

Tips for citing evidences:

  • Your evidence should be firm, relevant and to the point.
  • One example with statistics data cannot represent the data for the entire area (United States); instead consider the evidence keeping specific problems in mind.
  • Presence of same information in a number of places is an indication that the information is genuine and guarantees the accuracy.
  • Offer as much details regarding the topic. In case, you are writing a persuasive essay on smoking, it’s better to mention the exact figure, instead of mentioning that thousands of people smoke.
  • Highlight the most significant points with most relevant data and figures. Write down lesser points along with evidences but do no inundate your essay with lesser important points on top.
  • Ensure that you differentiate the facts from speculations and informed opinions.
  • Use the statistics data meticulously.
  • Examples usage should clearly demonstrate the ‘why’ and ‘how’ agenda and should be entertaining too. It should express the meaning well.
  • Logics and meanings should be well connected and should be relevant.
  • Apart from all this, usage of personal experiences and anecdotal, evidences should be used in moderation.
  • While writing an argumentative persuasive essay, support your claim with evidences in appropriate ways. Your proof should have sub points and sub arguments. Elaborate your evidences with cost savings interventions and connect them with arguments. Acknowledge your opposition to write a truly persuasive essay based on the available evidence. Rebut your position if you have strong opposition available.
  • Be precise regarding all your claims.
  • Mention the facts associating with values.
  • Support your claims with strong evidences.
  • If connection is not directly visible in the essay, cite the association between the claim and the presented evidences, informing the reader about it.
  • Offer a rebuttal or concession to discuss the arguments in opposition.
  • Go through the studies carried by researchers, economists or clinicians and provide information in terms of facts, informed opinions and speculations.

In short, choose your position, understand your viewers, perform the research and write in respect of most convincing evidence organizing and revising your content.

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