Crafting A Strong Essay Title On The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is the masterpiece composed by F. Scott Fitzgerald way back to 1925. He depicted the lifestyles of the fictional town (West Egg) situated on the enriched Long Island. The novel reflects the 20th century American lifestyle in a dramatic way. There are a number of romantic characters like Gatsby, Daisy and Myrtle and Tom Buchanan. Scott Fitzgerald holds a mirror to showcase the then revolution in 20th Jazz music and American culture. The whole American society was affected by bootlegging and luxuries and heart throbbing jazz music. The roaring youthfulness of 20th century has been properly delineated by Fitzgerald who tracks Jazz period highlighting decadence and period of abrupt prosperity in Long Island.

Important Facts

  • Choose good plots to analyze
  • Proper characterization to create good content with excellent titles

Showcase Romantic Episodes to Create Nice Titles

Craft the solid essay title on Great Gatsby applying your upgraded methods. Gatsby is a mysterious business tycoon who resides at West Egg, Jimmy Gatz (original name of Gatsby) encountered romantic affair with Daisy Buchanan (better half of Tom) when he lived at Camp Taylor in Louisville. Fitzgerald spent some time at Louisville before designing the plots to hand-craft this novel entitled Great Gatsby. Jimmy Gatz had beautiful summer to spend with sexy Daisy who was very much romantic, cute and maverick. While crafting the nice title to write the essay on Great Gatsby, showcase the romantic ambience at Louisville where the embedded romance bloomed secretly to indicate a dramatic transition in the futuristic plots in West Egg town. Many critics and fans of Scot Fitzgerald believe that Daisy Fay Buchannan is the replica of Ginevra King who always pampered Fitzgerald. This romantic angle should be exposed through the presentation of the awe-inspiring title to craft the content on Great Gatsby.

Track Changes to Create Attractive Titles to Write Content on Gatsby

There are sudden changes in the story with the entry of Nick Caraway, George, Myrtle, (mistress of Tom and wife of George), George, and Jordan Backer. The accident and mystery fuel up the plot construction of this novel Great Gatsby. Eventually, Gatsby, the multimillionaire, was shot by George at the luxurious apartment because of his involvement to kill Myrtle (Tom’s Mistress ). Gatsby was killed under suspicion. After the funeral, Nick left West Egg forever. So you can choose this sequence to create a nice title on Great Gatsby.

Gatsby’s sudden death has influenced Nick Caraway who is the narrator to vividly narrate the incidents at West Egg. Fitzgerald was inspired by the abrupt change in 20th century in America when there was a steadfast movement to modify the lifestyles of American youngsters. This transition is very important for Fitzgerald to evaluate the Jazz period in American society during 20th Century. Nick Caraway’s dazzling statement about the speedy cultural pollution and social decadence has been beautifully covered in this novel. Nick once states that all conventional moralities and decencies have been parceled out from the society with the arrival of bootlegging society to destroy the juvenile communities in West Egg.

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