A Quick Guide To Creating An Essay About Why Smoking Is Dangerous

Many health conscious people around the globe consider smoking the greatest health menace. While once it was considered a problem expressly associated with the urban class, smoking is now a problem faced by several people at large. He rural penetration that smoking has achieved make it all the bigger menace to the population of the earth. If you are willing to write an informative essay on why smoking can be dangerous, you should be informed that most of the points have already been established.

Know the magnitude of the menace

When reflecting at the many menaces that smoking has in hold for the population of the planet, you should consider this as something that is a real threat and not just another medical casualty. For example, there are people who believe that drug abuse is a real menace. And they comprise the majority of the planet’s population. Now these people will be really shocked and alarmed to see someone being subject to substance abuse on the roads.

This is not the case with smoking presently. We still find people smoking publicly, despite government regulations prohibiting public smoking in most parts of the world. One major reason this happens is people do not look upon smoking as a threat comparable to something like drug and substance abuse. While it is true that smoking does not cause harm at the magnitude of something like substance abuse, there is also truth in the fact that smoking is a lot more rampant.

Consider the overall dynamics

While drug and substance abuse are largely banned in most socialized quarters of the world, smoking is not. There is one reason that people look upon smoking as a lesser evil. Apart from that, there are other dynamics that come into play as well. Cigarette manufacturing companies make a lot of money from profits on sales and quite a few of these companies go on to become corporate giants in their own right. Now whenever corporate giants rise up, the governments earn their legitimate share of revenue. This plays a major barrier in curbing the industry as a whole.

Now this is also another impediment in the larger debate and smoking again becomes a matter of public discretion. Cigarettes are not something essential to survival and unlike the argument put forward by people in favor of meat eating, this is also not something that cannot be avoided on nourishment grounds. Remember to include these points in your essay.

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